Opal “Robot”

Months ago we interviewed the #WeGold collective out of Norfolk VA. Today after much anticipation we have received a single from a pivotal part of the collective Opal. Opal who is from California by way of Norfolk VA is by far one of the most diverse rising artist in music with everything from her personality which can be seen in the #WeGold interview to her sense of style. Anything she wears she designs and creates accompanied with her melodic singing with a raspy voice is also something unheard of and she also can switch it up and rap when needed on certain songs. ‘Robot’ produced by FakeUzumi who is also from the #WeGold collective has a very catchy tempo beat utilizing numerous instruments and wavy sonic sounds accompanied by Opal repeating that she is a ‘Robot’. FakeUzumi also mentioned to me today that there will be new work releasing from them every month and called this track “a current outlook of the world from the future”. Take a listen to ‘Robot’ below.

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