“Only In NFK”

This weekend here at The Perfect Play we were invited to attend a photo exhibit put on by rising photographer, Kevin Johnson. While attending the event we had a chance to catch up with Kevin and ask him a few questions about growing up, his inspiration and his future in photography all the while viewing his still shots. Check out the Q & A along with the photos out below.

(TPP): Where are you from?

(KJ): I’m from Norfolk or “NFK”

(TPP):  How long have you been doing photography?

(KJ): I’ve been doing photography for about 5 years now. I started out taking lookbook photos for my friends and realized I loved building concepts and telling stories through photographs.


(TPP): What would you say your biggest inspiration is when doing photography?

(KJ): It would have to be everyday life and all the different people I  come across that have different lifestyles who still share common interest and can still relate on some level.

(TPP): What inspired the title of your photo exhibition “Only In NFK”?

(KJ): Well being that I’m from Norfolk, “onlyinnfk” came from the majority of my photos being shot here in local neighborhoods and the people I chose to shoot I met and built relationships with them here. This has been home for me for the last 22 years and since I’ve started to travel and visit other places I realized there’s no other city that really compares. NFK has its own vibe between the uncs out the hood and hipsters in Ghent, I pull from all of that. So it was only right.



(TPP):  What was your reasoning in choosing the looks and uniquely styled pictures you utilized for this exhibit?

(KJ): I really wanted to show vibrance on a larger scale when it came to the photos that I displayed. I had a lot of warm and cool tones to mix and play around with so to make them all contrast I had to really be specific with my placement and composition to keep it all cohesive. The colors reminded me of my childhood in NFK going to the candy lady picking out all the red,blue, and green frooties and chews for a penny.

(TPP): What’s next for you, Kevin Johnson, as a photographer would you say?

(KJ): For the longest I didn’t have access to a studio with proper lighting and I was always shooting outside basing everything off my surroundings and the weather, but now I want to get in the studio and have total control of everything to bring my visions to life. I definitely want to work with more local talent and possibly with some brands in New York



(TPP): What would you like the viewers of these photos from the “Only In NFK” exhibit to take from it?

(KJ): I’m hoping that everyone who viewed the photos understood that whatever it is that they want to create or do, they can make it happen. Between my love for fashion and art I saw something that worked for me that I could bring to life so I want that for others too.



Follow Kevin on instagram: @sirkevineugene


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