OJAS Listening Room at USM Modular Furniture

Continuing his renowned Listening Room exhibitions, Devon Turnbull, founder of OJAS, has partnered with USM Modular Furniture for a new Listening Room exhibition. Titled ‘OJAS Listening Room at USM Modular Furniture,’ this new experience is now open to the public at USM’s Soho New York Flagship.

At the heart of this exhibition, viewers will encounter a fully customized OJAS speaker system in grey and black, complemented by iconic furniture from USM Modular Furniture. To enhance the immersive experience and achieve the goal of immersing patrons in the moment, Turnbull enlisted the expertise of Kvadrat Acoustics. Their acoustic paneling elevates the room’s sound quality, optimizing the full potential of OJAS’ speaker system.

As previously mentioned, the experience is now open to the public as a series of thoughtfully curated panels, speaker-building specials, and more are expected to take place at the Listening Room in the coming weeks.