Og Maco Who?

Seoul Korea’s very own Keith Ape took the world by storm seven months ago with the release of It G Ma. Initially the song got a lot of flack for sounding a lot like Og Maco’s B***** You Guessed It, but now it’s July and Keith Ape has a noteworthy remix and Og Maco is washed starting twitter beefs with anyone who gives him the attention. My, how times have changed in the last seven months. The remix is a calculated effort that connected Seoul to America perfectly. The co-contributers include Waka Flocka (vote Waka for president), Asap Ferg, Father, and Dumbfounded. Directed by Shomi Patwary (also directed Asap Rocky’s Multiply) the visual merely depicts a drugged out trance with a slew of animations which coincided perfectly with the overall theme (LOL). Take a look at Keith Apes latest visual below.

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