Nike & Stone Island Get Innovative For Golf’s Final Major

Nike & Stone Island are both undoubtedly power house companies globally and they have linked up once again to bring innovation to the forefront. A challenging 18 Holes is what lies ahead of professional golfers in Northern Ireland on July 19th-22nd. Defined by rolling sand dunes, coastal views, brisk wind chills, and even occasional bursts of rain. Participants must adapt and wear garments that play well to the unpredictable weather elements. This Nike and Stone Island collaboration, Each of the two pieces; a jacket and crew neck is built on a pattern that optimizes range of motion through a swing and incorporates golf-specific utility pockets for balls, tees and gloves. The garments are to be worn by star golfer Rory Mcilroy who said “The Nike x Stone Island collaboration is a perfect combination of style and performance. As an athlete, it’s important that my apparel can comfortably handle the conditions of any course at any time. This collection will allow me to be prepared for the unpredictable climate of Northern Ireland but also sport a look that appeals to my personal style.” Speaking to Nike, Stone Island CEO/Founder Carlo Rivetti said “When we begin to think about garments, fabrics and treatments, one of the milestones that always accompanies us is the search for performance and functionality,” says Rivetti. “Garment dyeing and other finishing treatments exponentially complicate the performance of the fabrics and the work of our pattern makers and tailors, so everything must be painlessly calculated. This is what makes Stone Island’s garments stand up to sports, but above all, this is why sports lovers feel Stone Island is relevant, loved and recognizable. The collaboration as aforementioned will be worn by Rory the entire open and will be released to the public July 25 on