Matt Maeson and Rozwell release their debut ‘USERx’ EP

After releasing their first single ‘Waterman’ back in the fall of 2020. Virginia natives Matt Maeson and Rozwell have come together to release their collaborative debut ‘USERx’ EP. After teasing for quite some time that they had a legendary artist from Virginia featured on the project, the two cleared up the speculation Thursday night as they held a Clubhouse conversation discussing the state of Virginia music in the past, present and future. During that conversation which featured the likes of Shelley FKA DRAM, Masego and more, the duo played the highly anticipated record ‘My Body Left My Soul’ featuring none other than Pusha T. The new EP features artists such as Masego, West Banks, and Pusha T consisting of 7-tracks that are sure to captivate the listener over the full runtime of 25-minutes. Take a listen to the full project below now.