Mack Releases ‘Walls Of Fire’

Virginia artist Mack has released her debut album ‘Walls Of Fire’. Mack’s voice has always been unique, reminiscent of R&B singers of old , but on this album she expands how that voice can sound in the modern era. She shows her versatility throughout with melodies blending in with heavy 808 laden records and house music like production.

In records like ‘Occupied’ her voice alone could sustain the entire melody as heavy hitting production keeps the head knocking with a complementary verse by Lex Lucent finishing it off. In “H.O.H” featuring Shaded Zu singing along with Mack, the body can’t help but to dance as the beat gives nostalgic feels of Kaytranada’s remixes of classic R&B records.

The project is comprised of 7 records and has an enjoyable run time of 19 minutes. Listen to ‘Walls of Fire’ below now.