Lil ‘Za Pizzeria Pop Up At The Veil Brewing Company

If you ask anyone about the 757/Hampton Roads area of Virginia, they will tell you our inexplicable ability to bring diverse groups of people together, enjoying each singular moment as one is a rarity not found in other areas of the state. The most recent of these special occasions was the Lil ‘Za Pizzeria pop-up hosted by The Veil Brewing Company in Norfolk, Virginia. The unity of these companies brought a unique and personal experience for the patrons allowing us all to feel closer as a community providing a breath of fresh air from the turmoil that has plagued the United States over the past 9-12 months. Mixing sounds from Co-Pilot with savory authentic pizza, allowed for an overall great and memorable event. Check out our photo recap below and be on the lookout for the next Lil ‘Za pop up event soon.