Lewis Hamilton Takes Jab At Mercedes team After They Leave Tyre Choice Up To Him In Inaugural Miami Grand Prix

Seven-time world champion driver Lewis Hamilton was left in confusion Sunday afternoon as his Mercedes team left a tyre choice up to him while behind a safety car late in the inaugural Miami Grand Prix. Hamilton elected to stay out, while teammate George Russell opted for a tyre switch and would eventually pass Hamilton for 5th place. After the race when asked about the decision Hamilton said “In that scenario, I have no clue where everyone is, so when the team say ‘it is your choice’, I don’t have the information to make the decision, That’s what your job is. Make the decision for me as you have all the details and I don’t. I rely on the guys for that, but today they gave the decision to me and I didn’t understand it” continuing “When you are given that responsibility it feels like gambling and I don’t like that. It was just a bit unfortunate”. Hamilton’s 2022 hasn’t been reminiscent of any year most F1 fans have come to know him for, earlier in the week he went as far to say this year’s Mercedes being off pace reminds him of his 2009 struggles with McLaren which he considers the worst car he’s driven in his career thus far. We’ll be looking forward to seeing how Hamilton performs in Spanish Grand Prix May 22nd.

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