Let’s Do Better Pays Homage To “America’s Past Time” With New Collection

Let’s Do Better are releasing a special piece to pay homage black athletes in a sport where they are becoming more and more a minority. On their Instagram story yesterday, Let’s Do Better gave a detailed history about black athletes in the sport of Baseball, and the state they are in today. They revealed some telling facts about the representation in black athletes at the professional level and the lack of support there is at the youth level. Unlike sports like basketball and football who are mainly represented by black male figures, the MLB lacks that.

With the release of there shirts and hats, they are bringing back awareness in a sport that needs it in the black community. The shirt features black baseball legends like Jackie Robinson, Ken Griffey Jr. and others while paying homage to the Negro League as well.

With that, they are also releasing a limited New York Yankees fitted that features the David Hammons’s African American flag on the side.

All proceeds are going to the Bedstuy Sluggers, a youth baseball program in Bedstuy, Brooklyn.