Lebron & Nike A Lifetime Thing ?

Today the world was sent into shock to find out that powerhouse Nike signed NBA Superstar Lebron James to a Lifetime deal. I know what your thinking “does this mean forever” ? Yes Lebron is now signed to Nike and will be receiving checks from them until the day he dies. Lebron has always been faithful to Nike since coming out of high school when the intense bidding war for him between Nike and Adidas was going on prior to him entering the NBA. Obviously he chose Nike now on his 13th signature shoe Lebron has made more money with Nike during this tenure than most athletes make throughout their career. By the way this deal is set to be worth well over the 300 million dollar 10 year deal that was accepted by Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant last summer. This is also the first time in the brands 44 year history that they offered a athlete a lifetime deal.


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