Kyrie Irving May Be Able To Play In Home Games, Despite Not Being Vaccinated

After making his return last week to the Brooklyn Nets as a ‘part-time’ player, Kyrie Irving and the Nets may have found a way to allow him to play at home games.

Kyrie Irving has sat every game besides two away games this season for the Nets. Irving hasn’t been allowed to play in New York due to the vaccine mandate, but now we may see Irving suit up in the Barclays Arena.

If Irving plays at home, the franchise will see a fine that will increase each time he plays.

First offense: warning

Second offense: $1,000

Third offense: $2,000

Fourth offense: $5,000

Fifth Offense and beyond: $5,000

That being said, the Brooklyn Nets have 20 regular-season home games left this season, so if they do decide to pay the price it would be a total of just $93,000 for the rest of the regular season.

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