Kodak Black

As 2015 heads towards wrapping up and we proceed to begin a new year one artist the world will have an eye on is Florida native Kodak Black. Kodak was pretty much underground and low key after his first two mixtapes “Project Baby” & “Heart Of The Projects” which features his most notable tracks “no flockin”,”scrilla” and “skrrrt”. Seems that after Drake posted a video during his birthday  on his private jet dancing to a song with a smooth but hard hitting beat and vocals from a very southern sounding artist, Everyone wanted to know who the artist was and what song it was Drake was vibing so well too. Turns out it was Kodak Black’s single “skrrrt” and ever since then Kodak has been a blaze in the hip hop world.

18 year old Kodak is signed to Atlantic Records and becoming more frequent in hip hop conversations being that he is now receiving more frequent features, bookings for shows and being viewed more throughout social media. It isn’t hard to say that Kodak has now built up a almost cult following with his raspy southern voice and vivid imagery of the streets. On Christmas day he released his latest mixtape “Institution” which contains Kodak’s rhythmic harmonized yet brash lyrics about being locked up and the harsh streets of Pompano Beach, Florida. The two standout songs for myself are “If You Aint Ridin” where Kodak breaks down the fact that he doesn’t need anyone around him that doesn’t really have his best interest and “Institution” where he breaks down himself being in Institution to a female and his wishes for them both while he is locked up and after he is released. Take a listen to the “Institution” Mixtape in its entirety below.