Kobros And Friends : Recap

Picture this: your favorite local coffee shop on a Saturday evening. You are likely not imagining what took place at Kobros Coffee in Norfolk this past weekend.

The brothers who own the shop, Sean and Erik, facilitated a ground breaking event in collaboration with theperfectplay, featuring one of the 757’s most polished Djs , Vega. The event supplied on brand, hyper aesthetic beverages that seemed to never stop leaving the counter. The bro’s have undoubtedly curated a space that stands as a staple of this in the Norfolk community.

Amongst their stand out beverages of the evening was “The Cascara Mule” a blend of Tito’s Vodka, Kobros Cascara Syrup, fresh lime juice, and a sprig of fresh mint and lime. Also on the menu was “Kobros DBD” the dbd standing for death before decaf, was blended with Evan Williams Burbon, Kobros Coffee Liquor, Kobros craft peach syrup, and a Nitro Chia Floater.

Throughout the night the coffee shop was packed with attendees, from party goers, to individuals simply walking by, being so excited that they could get a drink at their favorite shop. The flow of people burst out Kobro’s doors as nearly a constant stream of people circulated from dancing indoors to chatting outside.

All in all the energy of the event was the best Ive felt post pandemic and I am looking forward to what Kobros has in store next.