Kiree 3600 and EK! Link Up for New “E and Three” Project

Kiree 3600 and EK! have linked up to release a new project “E and Three”, narrated by Zack Morris who gives the project more depth and a storytelling element that draws you in. “E and Three” comes with seven songs and a runtime of just over 16 minutes, with just one feature from Young Crazy. Although the project may be short in terms of length, it packs a huge punch, and it provides us with a project of two of the 757’s most talented and rising artists. “E and Three” tracklist follows a “Vibes” theme, and Kiree and EK both give a different sound to each song to give the entire project a unique and complex feel.

Listen to “E and Three” by Kiree 3600 and EK! below now:

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