Kid Cudi Says Upcoming Song With Kanye West Will Be Last

Yesterday, Pusha T released the tracklist of his upcoming album “It’s Almost Dry”. On that tracklist was a song that featured both Kanye West and Kid Cudi, who over the last few months have severed their long-lasting friendship.

Kid Cudi went to Twitter to clarify that the two rappers are in fact “not cool” and the song was made while the two were still friends.

The two have been very public about their friendship and have made several remarks regarding each other. Cudi also made it very clear that this would be the last song Kanye and Cudi will ever be on together.

Read Cudi’s most recent tweet below.

The beef between the friends started when Kanye felt that Cudi sided Pete Davidson in the wake of his divorce with Kim Karshashian

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