Kenny Jones Virginia Beach-themed Nike Shoe Design Is Now One Of Five Finalists

28-year-old Chesapeake, Virginia-native Ken Jones has fired the sneaker community of Virginia up over the past week with his viral custom design of a Nike SB. Jones designed the sneaker last week for a contest to celebrate “Have A Nike SB Day” and has since garnered massive attention not only from Virginia outlets but Global sneaker outlets alike. The sneaker pays homage to the notable Virginia Beach Oceanfront with various elements inspired by particulars as follows. On the body, the navy blue represents the region’s U.S. Armed Forces presence, including the Coast Guard and Navy, the side of the sneaker captures references to the coastal presence, hence the waves. The tan soles are inspired by Hampton Roads’ beaches, along with a trident emblem for the Oceanfront’s King Neptune statue. To top off the sneaker design Jones paid homage the heavy musical presence in the area by drawing a clef symbol on the back of the sneaker. Jones is now only joined by four other finalists awaiting the ultimate winner announcement later this week.