Kanye West Explains Why He Threw Mic at “Donda 2” Listening in Miami

During Kanye West’s listening event for his album “Donda 2”, Kanye was seen visibly frustrated, as he threw the microphone during his performance. At the time that he threw it, there were some technical difficulties with the sound, and things weren’t synced up properly.

In a recent impromptu interview, Kanye explained that it actually wasn’t the sound that prompted him to throw the mic. Kanye was frustrated at the fact that he was performing his music rather than letting his music speak for itself. His original idea was for the show to be like his first ‘Donda’ installations from 2021 where he put on the mask and gave the audience an opening listening session. Kanye said,

“One thing I was told is that I had to write the word performance on the piece, but what I was giving you guys was performance art.” Kanye further continued his point saying “For twenty years I’ve been leading fr forefront of this ideation, inspiration, freedom, free thought in a world where people are pushing thirty-year designs… I risk it all because I’m tired of the same genres…that’s why I threw the mic”.

Listen to Kanye’s complete statement below now:

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