Kamaru Usman Stunningly Upset With One Minute Left In Final Round At UFC 278

Leon Edwards shockingly defeated Kamaru Usman, knocking the former champion out with less than 60 seconds left in the final round. Kamaru Usman came into the fight winning his last 19 fights, and Edwards winning his last ten, respectively. Usman has been universally regarded as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and was a -380 favorite. The last time Edwards lost a fight was to Usman in 2015.

The fight started slow, with Usman and Edwards feeling each other out. Edwards did something that no other fighter in the UFC, by taking Usman down. After that, Usman took control of the fight by using his elite wrestling to neutralize Edwards’s striking and drain his energy. Usman landed significant strikes throughout rounds 2-5 but Edwards still landed strikes in those rounds as well. It was at a point in the fifth round where the commentary team was speaking on how Usman took the spirit of Edwards by not allowing him to cause any significant damage throughout, but with about 60 seconds left Leon Edwards landed a left high kick that sent Usman t the canvas unconscious. Had that kick not landed, it was no doubt that Usman would’ve walked away retaining his belt.

Leon Edwards celebrated as Usman lay dazed and confused, trying to recollect himself. Edwards is now the new undisputed welterweight champion and overcame humongous odds to defeat Kamaru Usman.

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