Jonah Hill Shares Experiences With Therapy, “Not Having Enough Lifeskills,” and More In New GQ Style Interview

37-year-old writer, producer and director Jonah Hill recently was announced as the cover star in GQ Style’s September issue. In the recent interview with GQ, Jonah touched on a multitude of topics primarily surrounding his life between his 20’s and 30’s. Key quotes taken from the interview were Jonah expressing current and previous outlook on lifeskill and success saying “I dropped out of college, and I used to not get why people would go to college. Because if you’re ambitious, why would you spend four years just idling?” he said. “And then I didn’t realize until I turned 30 that what those four years gave all my friends was this wobbling period of how to be a person. I was really advanced professionally but really behind personally. All my 20s, I wasn’t really looking inward. I was just running toward success. Or trying to find success.”

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