Jiggy Min Releases “Last Born” and “Hambone’s Interlude”

Norfolk rapper Jiggy Min has released a new song titled “Last Born” along with an interlude called “Hambone’s Interlude”. The song has been something that Jiggy has been planning to make for a long time. He always had the idea to pay homage to his older brothers who paved the way for him, and when Taeetheproducer sent him the beat, he knew it was the perfect opportunity to make his vision come to life.

Jiggy Min is the youngest of three brothers, and with this song, he pours out his heart expressing his appreciation and gratitude for the love and knowledge he’s gained from them. In “Hambone’s Interlude”, he gives his older brother Skip a voice to speak about the unconditional love their mother has shown them through any situation. Despite being incarcerated and going through a faulty case, Skip has still been a leader for Jiggy and continues to push him in his music career.

Listen to “Last Born” by Jiggy Min below now:

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