It’s a Lituation at OVOfest 2K15

On Sunday August 1st, 2015 marked the start of the 6th anniversary of Drake’s annual OVO fest in his hometown of Toronto Canada. The three day event had quite the ride for anyone attending the music festival. The first day consisted of a show put on by comedian Kevin Hart, the second featuring J. Cole and Big Sean and the last with Drake himself with special guest. Being in the current timeframe of the Drake and Meek Mill beef, there was bound to be shots fired there. It all started with Drake donning a “Free Meek Mill” shirt in the upcoming hours before the actual fest started at rehearsal, which can be seen in the video below.

Soon after that when Drake was set to actually perform, he started off by displaying a iPhone ‘charging up’ a nod to his recent diss track toward Mill “Charged up.” The rest after that was history as Drake proceeded to clown Meek Mill with a slideshow presentation of trolling memes relating to Mill, while performing “Back to Back. When the incident occurred, the Instagram and Twitter universe erupted into a frenzy of straight hysteria. A video of the slideshow and social media reactions are as follows:

But in light of the entire Drake and Meek Mill situation, OVO fest turned out to be an extravagant event, in which Drake including special guest that could make the concert a candidate for concert of the year. OVO fest included Drake of course, Skepta, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kanye West, Future, Pharrell, and Travis Scott. Together they all lit the crowd with dazzling songs they released past and present. To conclude the set, Drake performed some of his biggest hits, including “The Motto”, “Started From the Bottom”, “10 bands”, and “know yourself”. Drake not forgetting the beef he is involved in once again set his sights on Meek Mill as he performed “Back to Back” for a second time and teased the crowd with a few verses from a third diss track called “3Peat”. Some videos and images from the fest can be viewed below.

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Also for all the sneaker heads out there, Drake also decided to showcase two new color ways of the next shoe in the OVO line up with this time being the OVO 8s to go along with his 10s and 12 set.

Overall, Drake hosted a fantastic event, that had a super positive reaction from the world. Entertaining is an understatement when describing the show. To sum up the show, it was basically super lit with Meek Mill taking another huge L in this stage of his music career. Mill would probably to host an event called Meek fest and out perform Drake in every aspect to try and mend his reputation. I would have loved to attend the event, but my pockets weren’t looking too right for the Lituation. Hopefully though there is a glimmer of hope for myself to attend next years OVO fest if the right moves are made. Thanks for taking the time to read the article, hope you enjoyed. Cheers!

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