Introduction: Vega

IMG_1837.jpegRising DJ “Vega” has just released his first mix titled ‘Introduction. We caught up with him to get some insight on his DJ style, How Virginia has affected that style and also his roots with DJ’ing.

(TPP) : How old are you ?

(Vega) : 20

(TPP): Where are you from ?

(Vega) : I was born in Chesapeake, Virginia – Raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia and now I live in Norfolk, Virginia

(TPP) : Did living in Virginia all your life influence your sound any ?

(Vega) : Yeah, I think that it has influenced me a lot. Virginia has been home to many of my favorite artist, So I would definitely say that it has played a part in my sound.

(TPP) : How long have you been DJ’n and what are your biggest inspirations ?

(Vega) : I’ve always been extremely into music, and always wanted to start DJ’ing because everyone in my family does, so it was only a matter of time. I officially started DJ’ing in October 2015. I have so many inspirations – my uncle Disko Dave is really the main one though & all of the local DJ’s around here really have been killing shit and made me want to start doing it so shout out to all of them.

(TPP) : Your love for fashion & working so closely with it, does it influence your DJ’n sound any ?

(Vega) : 100 percent. Music and Fashion as always hand in hand, and you can’t have one without the other. I always think of what this song or that song makes me want to wear for something like that. For example, Fade – Kanye West makes me feel like a Saint Laurent runway model in a Miami Night Club (haha)

(TPP) : What type of music do you enjoy playing most ?

(Vega) : I Love Love Love 90’s – 00’s anything, really the golden age of music. I love everything though, I mostly play hip hop, rap, or other things like that – but weirdly my favorite type of music to play would be like rave/edm music – I really want to play at a huge music festival one day where I can have a whole set like that. I try not to just have one sound though, I want to be able to tend to every crowd.

(TPP) : Tell us about the “introduction” mix ?

(Vega) : Introduction is my first mix in which I wanted to just give the listeners a introduction to what I play and the things that I really like. I tried to have a little everything in there, so I hope that everyone enjoys it. You’ll definitely hear a lot of Sango in there, he’s one of my favorite artist to use right now. This mix is the first of many, so I hope that everyone likes it and enjoys it.

– Thank you to everyone for all of your continuous support.


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