Introducing: Kasien

Enter into the unknown world of Kasien. Hailing from London which seems to be a hotbed for rap artist as of recent with Skepta, Stormzy and Section Boyz getting more recognition Globally it seems to have opened the flood gates for rising artist such as Macca Wiles, Danny Seth and now Kasien. Although we don’t know much about Kasien, Hell we don’t know anything about Kasien aside from the fact that he just created a soundcloud a little over two weeks ago and today he released his EP titled Pretty Nightmare just in time for Halloween tomorrow. Throughout this 6 track EP Kasien takes the listener through  a series of emotions from the first track ‘Poor Old Me’ where he raps with a vicious tone speaking on numerous subjects from his little brother betraying him to society being lost. Later on in the EP on his track ‘Mojo Back’ he raps in a more upbeat tempo about himself being with a women in bed and much more. Kasien is definitely an artist to keep an eye on as he may be the next artist from London to break. Listen to Pretty Nightmare below.

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