Introducing: DJ Davy Wreck

Earlier this week The Perfect Play caught up with budding DJ Davy Wreck. Davy is a DJ who is also most noted for spinning in Norfolk, VA similar to the “#We Gold” collective from our previous post. Norfolk’s art district seems to be Davy’s hotspot for sure being that he has been the DJ for some of the larger events of the summer such as  “Traptastic, Traptastic 2 and Sauce”.

Davy Wreck at
Davy Wreck at “Sauce” event. (photo by: De’rek Locust)

Check out our Q&A below as we dug deeper to really get to know Davy Wreck and get his take on his mix specifically created for us titled “underrated”.

(TPP): How old are you ?

(Davy Wreck): 23

(TPP): Where are you from ?

(Davy Wreck): I’m born in Portsmouth,Va and reside in Portsmouth but ive lived all up and down the east coast, midwest, south and even Japan.

(TPP): Did living in Japan influence your sound any ?

(Davy Wreck): Most definitely. Living there not only made me appreciate my Japanese side more but it also made me appreciate my culture Hip-Hop. Reason why is because I was able to make friends easily with people who barely spoke english. We were able to get along and communicate because we shared the same love in music. Also believe it or not Japanese rappers make no where as much as the top rappers in America, but their music to me is just as great and sometimes better which made me appreciate hip hop more because here are these cats that are rapping and making beats just for the hell of it because they love it, not because they’re trying to get rich or get girls. They make music because they need to. It’s our creative outlet and we have to or we’ll go insane,  which is what hip hop is really about.

(TPP): What draws you to the Art District ?

(Davy Wreck): What draws me to the art district is the group of likely minded individuals and the venues.

(TPP): How long have you been a DJ and what are your biggest inspirations ?

(Davy Wreck): Hmmmm I recievd my first set of turnatbles when I was 11 which is 12 years ago. This was before serato and digital djing. Ya boy had it ruff using strictly vinyl lol but it made djing way easier for me once it switched over to computers. I use to have to count beats and beat match in my head. To be cliche everything is a big inspiration but to be specific The elders who taught and came before me like dj ethical, dj q-bert, the executioners, dj cool herc and more  have had  a big impact on my style along with the youth and performing. When I perform and see how the crowd reacts really inspires me a great amount. My parents are my biggest inspiration because they support me so much and give me the best advice. My mom has introduced me so much much music and helps me when it comes to dance since shes a dance therapists and My pops is the one who supported me since i told him i wanted to be a producer and DJ. He bought me my first drum machine and turntables when I was 11. Let me remind you he was the one who told me “know matter what people say listen to all music, because the best producers listen to all types of music” This advice is what led to my music collection of 65,000+ songs.  Last but not least Hip Hop culture inspires me because without hip hop theyre would be no djing since it’s 1 of the 5 elements.

(TPP): How long have you been breakdancing and does it influence your DJ sound ?

(Davy Wreck): I’ve been a bboy for 7 years now but ive been dancing my whole life. Being a bboy definitley influences my djing. Since im a dancer i know what tracks or beats will get the body moving. the biggest influence it has is the training. The training allows me to take not just myself to the next level but also whatever I apply it to. I use to do what we call in the bboy world “dungeon sessions” it’s when your practice for a minimum of 8 hours or until you throw up 3 times. This rigorous training gave me the discipline and willpower to not just take my body to a higher level but also my mind. I apply this technique to everything i do.

(TPP): What type of music do you enjoy playing most ?

(Davy Wreck): I like playing everything so i can expose people to different types of music and sounds, but since i have to specifically pick a type it has to be Hip Hop along with house music. Reason being is because they come from the same family and are products of the African  American community with such rich history. So I don’t want to hear black people tryna diss house music because We created it jus like we created Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll and so forth. Know your history or be doomed to repeat it!!!

(TPP): Tell us about this “underrated” mix ?

(Davy Wreck): The perfect play mix “underrated” is the definition of a collaborative mix. I took a few songs from my fam at perfect play and added the Davy Wreck style to it. You will hear my signature mixing and blends of different songs simultaneously . I have some of my production and remixes on there along with some classic hip hop and house edits. One thing that’s new is I have a few UK grime tracks in there. This mix is the definition of a mix because i put all styles in this one lol. also all the songs I chose i listen to on a regular basis. So here’s a look into the mind of davy wreck!!!


“Underrated” play below.

Be sure to check out the Davy Wreck webpage.


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