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This past weekend rapper Dan Murray graced The Traptastic “Cold Summer” event in Virginia Beach. Dan Murray is a budding rapper that brings a total different style than any other rapper out currently. Dan Murray persona and rap style is almost “Punk RapstarISH” if you will he literally cannot be boxed into any category. After he performed his hit track “Young Hot Thotties” which just reached over 401K plays on soundcloud we had a chance to catch up with Dan and ask him a few questions about his career thus far, his style and why “Young Hot Thotties” is his biggest track. Check the Q & A out below.

TPP: How old are you ? & Where are you originally from ?

DM: “31 & I’m from Woodbridge, Virginia”

TPP: How long have you been rapping ?

DM: “Like 5yrs but really since like 2006 freestyling in my boy SteveO’s fleetwood  Cadillac, just recently thought I could make a career out of it so here I am.”

TPP: How has your rap career changed since moving from Virginia to Atlanta ?

DM: “Moving to ATL was the best thing for me. People in VA never really took me serious with the music thing I was the popular guy but they over looked me, now they act like I’m the chosen one lol but ATL been rocking with me ever since day one when I moved there so I make sure I put on for them everytime you know how that goes ATL HOE!!!”

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TPP: What is your biggest inspiration when creating your music ?

DM: “I don’t really get inspired I just hear the beat make a dope hook and start writing from there it all takes about 10-15min for me to make a hit I’m pretty good at my style of making music at least I think.”

TPP: What would you categorize your style of music ?

DM: “My style I guess is trap but I would call it fun music shit you can party to and girls can shake they ass to if they in the mood.”


TPP: Why do you think “Young Hot Thotties” is your biggest song to date ?

DM: “I think “Thotties” haha I call it Thotties for short, but I think it’s popular cuz it’s fun and something that everyone can relate to. Everyone has that cocky side to them an I’m just open about it and like fuck it being cocky or conceded is ok if your intent is good. I’m a pretty ass nigga blame my mom & dad not me so shit I’m going to brag about myself why not you know. People want to hear that shit so I gave it to them and that why “Thotties” is a hit currently at over 400k thousand plays they love that cocky ass song haha.”

TPP: Who is your favorite music artist and why ?

DM: “That’s hard I don’t have just one if I had to pick one it definitely would be myself just cuz I try not to listen to anyone else so I can keep my style of music but if I had to pick it would be artist like Kanye west, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott & LLCOOLJ yeah I said it LL was the man he was G as fuck and he had the ladies that what I’m on.”

TPP: Who do you wish to work with that you haven’t thus far in your career ?

DM:  “My list is mostly Atlanta artist I be around on the daily that I probably will work with soon I just wanted to make sure I was dope enough to work with them before I made it happen now I feel like I can work with them cuz I’m at there level or close enough artist like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, MadeInTokyo, Father, Carti, Nessly, LarryJune ect. But also want to work with artist like MarzLeon,
Dj Speakerfoxx,
Dj A-Trak, Steve Aoki, Diplo ect. I’m into that edm world like I got some songs that will shock yall later that I’m hiding but you’ll see why I named those people.”


TPP: What can the fans expect next from you & your rap career ?

DM: “What’s next is more dope music I plan to takeover with my sound make more people get use to hearing my name and sound EPs and Albums are on the way after I start dropping some visuals that I feel are well over sure I got a lot of work to do I’m trying to get a record deal so I can put my team on because I have a lot of talented artist that I live with and they deserve to be heard so my goal is to use whatever little success I get to make sure I promote them cuz they do the same with me artist like @trunkzSSJ @sen_lombardi @mdtheplug @losifstvlin @earlgraye @yodaikeen @evk95 @nessly24k @brndn24k @colbycrump @eathumans @lelarrylennon @pizzelmax aka I just did a slick shout out so everyone go look these people up and follow them lol. Also shout out all my supporters and fans I love yall if it wasn’t for you I’d be regular ole DanMurray that no one knows so I appreciate every last fan I have for real.

Ps. Just wanted to say thank you for this opportunity to do a interview and thanks for the support really appreciate that it means a lot to me so Shout out you guys as well.

Peace & Love from

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