I’m A Dog

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Portsmouth natives BEO Smook and CEO Moc released the visual for there collaborative track ‘I’m A Dog’ yesterday shot by IvyLeagueMusicGroup. The vignette sees both BEO & CEO rapping in what looks to be a basement with their squad as BEO dances around with his semi-auto draco rifle. CEO spits lyrics such as “Cut his head off feed him to the sharks” and references his set saying “Pockets crippin, bitch thats all blue”. We had the opportunity the ask CEO a few questions also check them out below along with the ‘I’m A Dog’ visual.

TPP: What’s the relation between CEO Moc & BEO Smook ?

CM: “Brothers, Like real brothers man the streets brought us together and we ain’t looked back eversince.”

TPP: Can people expect a collaborative project possibly soon ?

CM: “You can definitely expect the BEO/CEO Mixtape, It could be be a couple weeks or it could be a couple months but just know it’s on the way.”

TPP: What would you like the fans to gather from ‘I’m A Dog’ ?

CM: “We want the fans to see that you can’t compare us to no other rappers at all so you can’t say we stealing nobody swag or sound like nobody cause everything is original with us.”

TPP: What is next on the agenda for CEO Moc ?

CM: “I got a couple videos in the works and one is with Hoodrich Pablo Juan he’s going to be on the XXL freshman cover this year so that should be something that will grasp peoples attention.”

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