Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Today 22 year old rapper Mackderico released his inaugural ep titled “Hyperbolic Time Chamber”. The ep contains 7 tracks in total and is solely produced by renowned producer ReadyRockJames. Mackderico features only four other rappers on the project being Bo The Slave, JT Southside, Bobby Blaze and Demarcus Nicely. Mackderico strategically places songs and snippets on the mixtape based off of Japanese animated series ‘DragonBallZ’. We had chance to catch up with Mackderico and discuss his high hopes for this project and his utter fascination with DragonBallZ.

TPP: What inspired the DragonBallZ theme ?

Mackderico: I’ve always been a huge fan of DBZ. That’s my fucking shit. It’s my most favorite anime of all-time. The Saiyan persona fits my character because that’s just my lifestyle; I’m always pushing the limits to get better and defeat the opposition. The “HyperbolicTimeChamber” is a place on Kami’s Lookout where the Z Fighters such as Goku, Gohan, Trunks etc. go to get stronger and more powerful. One year inside the chamber is equal to one day on the outside. I’m at a point in my life right now where I feel like everyday I’m training to annihilate anything thrown at me. It just feels like the world around me has slowed down and I have taken advantage of that time to get better and take on my true form to defeat the odds. Therefore, I’m in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

TPP: What are your hopes for Hyperbolic Time Chamber ?

Mackderico: Well with this being my first project rapping I can go ahead and say its only  the first installment in a series I am working on. I am trying to reach out to everyone. The whole entire world. I want everyone to get something positive or exciting from my music. From the hipsters to the most street guys and to the OGs of the game. My music will have something for everyone’s taste. I want people to take a step into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and realize what I go through and what I’ve been through. I hope this project gives people a glimpse into what goes on in my head on the daily. It will allow them to take a trip inside of my world and get to know the real me from all angles. I look at myself as a old soul living in a young body. I want that to be evident in this project, as people see me progress and become greater.

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