21 year old Portsmouth native Huey Supreme has released his project today titled “Hues”. With  Andre Joyner and #1DraftPickReem being responsible for production on five of the seven tracks Huey also has some production from Keem.The.Cipher and MarqBeez. In a era of music where everything seems to be uptempo hard knocking trap beats and songs about how many girls you can get and how tough you are Huey opts to go for the opposite with multiple tracks talking about one female and singing more on a  smooth rhythmic classic vibe. “Hues” definitely is something you can sit back relax and listen to and all seven tracks are solely Huey Supreme with no features. We had a chance to ask Huey a few questions also. Check the questions and “Hues” out below.

TPP: What would you like fans to take from this project “Hues” ?

HS: “Overall I want the fans to know that I’m really trying to bring a sound that’s unique and original. I want them to know that when they hear a particular sound they know “Thats Huey” you feel me ? I want to bring something that can last forever. Whether it’s this project or the next, or maybe the one after.. I want them to be with me every step of the way and witness our growth because I can’t do anything without them”

TPP: What can we expect next from Huey Supreme ?

HS: “This project really serves as a foundation and has been a stepping stone for what’s to come yet. I want them to know this is just the beginning. We have a long way to go and a lot more to come.”


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