“Back On The Road”

Gucci Mane has been turning heads since being released from prison with his new tracks and features. After releasing “First Day Out The Feds” and being featured on G.O.O.D Musics first ‘Cruel Winter’ single “Champions” Gucci has released a track featuring Drake today titled “Back On The Road”. The song sees the two flowing over a hard hitting beat although coming from polar opposite backgrounds in life they seem to collaborate very well together. Gucci starts out the song reminding listeners of his pass and that he is still the Trap God saying  “Im just a East Atlanta nigga with a body on his belt, I done had a million beefs and I ain’t never call for help, I’ll take a nigga bricks and I done took a nigga rep” and also stating “I’m the last real nigga left, I’m on a island by myself”. Listen to this track below.

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