Future Says He’s “Putting Himself Out There” On His Album Releasing April 29th

Since Future burst on the rap scene in 2011 with hit songs “Tony Montana, “Same Damn Time” and “Gone To The Moon” he has risen into the ranks of Hip-Hops most important figures. When you think of who has made the biggest impact of the last decade, it’s illogical and foolish to not have Future in that conversation.

A few months ago, Kanye West even said he was the most influential rapper in the last ten years.

From his music style from hardcore street rap to melodic ballots to heart-wrenching songs, Future has it all. Future also boasts collaborative projects with Drake, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, and Juice Wrld aside from his extensive discography. But with his upcoming album, Future says that he is “Sharing my lifestyle with the world. Sharing my pain with the world. Sharing my ups, sharing my downs with the entire universe.”

He continues, “That’s why I’m giving myself, because I’m willing to correct myself. I don’t want to just…be wrong. I’m willing to give you all of me, so you can tell me how to build on me, and make me a better me.”

Future talks about Kanye West, his relationship with Drake, his place in Hip-Hop, and more in the latest GQ cover story.

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