Freddie Gibbs Set To Make His Acting Debut As Star Of ‘Down With The King’

Grammy nominated artist Freddie Gibbs is set to embark on his acting debut as the star of ‘Down With The King’.

The movies plot revolves around Gibbs starring as rapper “Money Merc”, who on his quest to produce a new album, befriends a farmer an begins an unlikely path to a new journey.

The movie is directed by Diego Ongaro, who was able to allow Gibbs to act without having to embrace the typical cliche of most rappers in their acting careers, a rags to riches approach.

Gibbs has even been quoted saying “I didn’t want to do that shit, because people typecast you…I never wanted to play a rapper in a movie, but this was far more significant than just a rapper movie.”

The film premiered at the Cannes Film festival and currently does not have a set release date for audiences, but this should change soon as Visit Films has acquired world wide sales rights to the movie.