Five Years Ago Today Kanye West Kicked Off His “Saint Pablo” Tour

Five years ago today, Kanye West kicked off his “Saint Pablo” Tour in Indianapolis for his seventh album “The Life Of Pablo”. The tour was comprised of 41-total shows across the country and featured a state of the art “first-of-its-kind floating stage”. The stage was designed by Nashville-based design company Strictly FX who created the 20×16′ stage which sat just 15-feet above the fans throughout the 120-minute set and shifted back and forth throughout the various arenas creating a high-energy event where fans followed the stage on foot. Each show had three sections separated by two intermissions. Some notable moments from the tour were when Kanye suddenly departed from his New York performance which fans would later find out was due to his wife Kim Kardashian being robbed at gunpoint in France, Kanye publicly voicing his support for Donald Trump, stoking a beef with long-time friend and mentor Jay-Z, and much more. What was your favorite part of the “Saint Pablo” Tour and do you feel it’s Kanye’s best tour to date?

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