Fishskale Rabble Releases ‘Pool Shot’

Virginia Beach rapper Fishskale Rabble has released his new EP ‘Pool Shot.’ Fish immediately gets down to business on the project letting his fans know that he isn’t “worried bout a mixtape”as his first song suggests.

The project is heavy laden in trap references over melodic yet heavy hitting beats that Fish flows seamlessly on. This is exemplified greatly in the second record ‘Wipe Me Down’ as he calmly raps “I’m cocaine fresh you gone have to wipe me down”, over a head knocking beat. The third record ‘How Many’ has the only feature on the project with Free Diesel and Fishskale rapping with their vocals submerged in auto tune over an opera voiced sample and heavy 808s. Finally the last record on the project ‘Devil In A Black Suit’ wraps things up with Fish rapping about his past and what he stands on.

Listen to the project below now.

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