First Look At Gohan In Upcoming ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Movie

It’s been a while since we seen Gohan back at full strength in the Dragon Ball series. Ever since we saw his potential untapped against Cell and then against Buu, Gohan has taken a backseat to Goku and Vegeta.

Now, in the latest clip for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, we see that Gohan is back and looking stronger than ever. While wearing Piccolo’s Demon clothes, we see Gohan fighting the Red Ribbon Army. Gohan then throws his glasses off of his face and powers up to Super Saiyan. At the Jump Festa panel, the voice actor for Gohan, Masako Nozawa read a few lines hinting at some aspects of the movie as well. In one line he read,

“You’re not a robot…an android then?”

This suggests that the new villains in the movie may be of origin from the Androids of old who wreaked havoc on the Z Fighters long ago. Do you think that Gohan will play a pivotal role in the upcoming film?

Watch the full trailer below: