Empire Partners With Web3 Platform Nebula

Independent label, distributor, and music publisher Empire has announced a partnership with Web3 platform Nebula. With the new partnership, fans are able to invest in the music available on the Nebula. Currently the platforms hosts music from Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and later this year, Empire’s own Money Man.

Nebula founders Alessandro De Luca and Fuad Hawit claim the platform to be a “first of its kind” where fans can “Instead of passively consuming music, now foster a deeper connection with their favorite artist by owning a fraction of their song, with royalties secured on blockchain.” Royalties are distributed as tokens, which represent a certain percentage of the song. Fans also get a portion of every transaction, so each time a “token” is resold on the secondary marker, they get a commission from the sale.

In a issued public statement, Empire founder Ghazi Shami said “With Nebula, we are changing the way an entire generation interacts with music and artists through transparency and innovation.

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