Dave Chappelle Releasing Special “8:46” On Vinyl

Last year, during the height of turmoil that happened in America amid the killing of George Floyd, Dave Chappelle took matters into his own hands to speak on the situations. Chappelle gathered a socially distanced crowd to perform a 27-minute long impromptu special titled “8:46”. Chappelle addressed many different topics that conflicted with him about the flaws of society.

Chappelle has now teamed up with Third World Records to release a limited amount of the special Vinyl. There will be 846 copies and will have two sides. On side A will be Chappelle’s 27-minute long special and on side B will have poet Amir Sulaiman performing “My Insides Out” and “We Must Win”. All of the proceeds will go directly to hid alma mater of the Duke Wellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C.

The vinyls are available at Third Man stores locations in Detroit, Michigan, and Nashville, Tennessee, as well as online.