D.R.A.M teams up with Lil Yachty

Today the mastermind behind last summers biggest hit “Cha-Cha” D.R.A.M released a new single called BROCCOLI featuring Atlanta’s very own Lil Yachty. The song is about exactly what you think it is. The hard hitting 808’s mixed with bells are just right for Lil Yachty’s first verse as he completely flexes; talking about the girls he now has and the money he is getting so much that when he goes on vacation he may “rent out the Bahamas”. D.R.A.M bodies the hook stating that he is in the middle of the party and doesn’t want to be bothered, he’d rather just roll his “Broccoli”over in the corner.  The track is produced by J-Gramm, Rogét Chahayed & Karl Rubin. Listen below.

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