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Culture Snack Owner: Jack Chacon


*Note – The interview questions were answered by CS, but then paraphrased by me. 

(TPP) – Introduce yourself and your name and occupation.

CS -Jack Chacon, Swag daddy, student by day, entrepreneur by life. Culture Snack owner.

(TPP) – How did you come up with the name culture snack?

CS – It was really tough, the intial idea was culture stuff, but wanted it to be small stories. Not super long articles, but more like Facebook type articles. We wanted bite typed thing so we thought of culture bite at first, but that didn’t really work. So we experimented with different types of small articles put together like snack serving. So that’s where the snack part came into play. So we wanted a cultural magazine with food, music, and artist all alike. We mashed it altogether so that’s how we came up with the name Culture Snack.

(TPP) – What was your inspiration behind the magazine?

CS – Well there were a few different inspirations behind the magazine but the one I credit the most is Anthony Bourdain. He was one because because I always watched his shows and found it really interesting. What really caught my attention was the fact that he got paid to eat, drink, and travel all over the world. I wanted to be like the local version of that. That made me want to be an entrepreneur. Based on that I looked more into being an entrepreneur, and found that a lot of them were involved in the magazine business.

(TPP) – How would you say the progress and idea of coming up with the magazine has evolved since you dropped your first issue?

CS – It’s interesting. So the magazine as a whole business has different aspects to it. Many departments ranging from distribution, layout, writing and many more averages out. Compare it to a grading system for example. If everything is done in an efficient manner, then everyone gets an A. If someone does a shitty job then that will correspond with a D or even failure. We must make sure everything is done correctly. Initially we started off getting Ds, but now I say we average in the Bs sometimes A. It’s still a work in progress.

(TPP) – Who do you want to put in your magazine next?

CS – I’m not sure to be honest right now. We are still working on coming up with new ideas for the magazine so that’s what is on the topic of discussion for now between us. We want to start working on a digital issue soon and maybe start dropping issues every six months so we can get more of a bang with each issue dropping. As for the question, I think our next issue will focus on local artists in the area more centered on the hip hop genre.

(TPP) – What was the most fun part about running the magazine?

CS – The most fun thing about running the magazine was meeting new people and networking. Being able to meet the people we do articles with was a different experience, it give our articles more credibility, as it was shown that we meet our clients in person as opposed to say over the phone or web. Another great thing that I enjoyed a lot was being able to sample the food and drinks when we did an issue on local food and breweries.

(TPP) – Would you want your magazine to become big like say Times or People?

CS – This magazine is not what I’m going to get rich off of. This magazine is say like practice for future projects that I have in mind. It is meant for a lot of fun, and meant to be only for locals. It is mainly to help perpetuate the energy in the area. So I don’t wanna get it too big like say spreading to Richmond of anything like that.

(TPP) – Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

CS – Man. I’d say I was really proud of the third issue, which is the food truck issue. I was a really big fan of it. However, the thing that I can say that I was most proud of was our first launch part where we had Sunny and Gabe, and also D.R.A.M. It was significant cause it was the thing that laid down the foundation for us, and really got the ball rolling.


(TPP) – What things if any could you say that you don’t like about the magazine or use some improvement?

CS – The main thing that we need to improve on is that we have a lot of typos in the articles. In a professional environment having typos is a big no no, and is frowned upon. It is understandable because some of the stuff that happens is last minute, so those will occur. Also everyone along with the magazine has other priorities to do. So choosing between school, work, and the magazine most likely the magazine would have to take the L.

(TPP) – What are your future plans with Culture Snack?

CS – So off the top I’m working with a few people to to manage the magazine, so we have to get with them to see whats up. Culture snack has always been a collaborative thing so we as a whole decide on what we want to do. I think the next time that we print of for sure going to be about hip hop and music in general. The next event that we are doing is going to be in April, and that is going to be like a restaurant award show, commemorating all the restaurant on their efforts and good work. We are sponsoring that along with Southern Grip magazine.

The latest issue of Culture Snack

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