Cozy Tapes Vol.1 soon ?

We have all been patiently waiting for the A$AP Mob collective project ‘Cozy Tapes Vol.1‘ for quite some time now. We are going to provide you with some information about why we feel Cozy Tapes is closer to being released than most think.

  1. Creative Director Rocky – A$AP Rocky was recently appointed Creative Director of MTV’s new series “MTV Labs” which would be the perfect platform to release a group project on. Seeing the buzz received after MTV announced Rocky as creative director a few weeks ago on air accompanied by Rocky premiering a new song  with KEY! titled ‘Crazy Brazy’ along side the A$AP Mob.  
  2. AWGE – A$AP Mob has definitely had a major impact on music since first coming out some years ago but maybe never more than now with a new “soundcloud rapper” wave that seems to be flourishing and social media booming more than ever. Everyone seems to be hanging out with A$AP Mob as they are influencing both art, fashion, music all at the same time which guarantees those characteristics will be a focal point on Cozy Tapes.
  3. Playboi Carti – Although the A$AP Mob has Rocky, Ferg,Nast, Ant, and Twelvy all as rappers apart of the group. The youngster Playboi Carti seems to be a diamond in the rough as he has begun to blow up more on soundcloud than any other rapper yet to release a sole project over the past year or so. Releasing numerous tracks such as Fetti, What, Broke Boi, Performing at some of the most notable festivals and even gracing the Vfiles runway for a performance at New York fashion week. One thing that is forsure, Playboi Carti will have a huge imprint on Cozy Tapes with features and possibly even solo efforts.  
  4. VLONE – The sudden take off of ASAP Bari’s VLONE line has been something surreal. Back in the spring Bari held a pop up shop in Los Angeles that saw the who’s who in the streetwear culture show up to a pop up shop with art unlike anyone had seen before all the while incorporating a half pipe with live skating going on. As if that wasn’t enough Bari has built very close relationships with Off Whites Virgil Abloh and Kanye West… yeah… Kanye West, I’m sure you all heard the line “I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail” well that seems to be the case with Bari also I mean the guy can do no wrong right now. When A$AP Mob released the lead single/video from Cozy Tapes ‘Yamborghini High’ the whole Mob was laced head to toe in VLONE which leads us to believe that their will definitely be some type of VLONE connection with the release of Cozy Tapes also. 
  5. Tweets – A$AP Rocky tweeted yesterday that the project has finally been completed and A$AP Nast tweeted earlier today that Cozy Tapes was loading so therefore the project has to be releasing any moment soon.


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