Commanders’ Trademark Application Is Denied

The Washington Commanders attempted to have their name trademarked but have been denied. Since 2020, they have changed their name twice and could be on the brink of a third. Even though they changed the name to the Washington Commanders they never owned the trademark and was denied on the 18th of May.

The conflicting issue is the “Commanders Classic” which is the annual college football game between the Army and the Air Force and a DC-area man named Martin McCaulay who has pending applications on the “Commanders” name. McCaulay filed for the names ‘Washington Wolf Commanders’ and ‘Washington Space Commanders’ in an attempt to guess the new name.

If the Washington Commanders took extreme measures, they can possibly change their name once again because they can’t stop third-party sellers from selling goods with the “Washington Commanders” name. Although it is unlikely, it isn’t inconceivable that we see the Commanders see their third rebrand in the last 3 years.