Colin Kaepernick Gives First Interview Since Being Out Of The NFL

In 2016, then San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee in his stance against social injustice. Since that season, Kaepernick has been an advocate and a leader in the social injustice movement in America. Throughout that time, he has still been trying to make his way back to the NFL, after years of being held out for fears of him being a distraction and bringing unwarranted attention to himself and the team.

Kaepernick sat down on the I Am Athlete Podcast in a rare interview to send a message to NFL Front offices. Kaepernick made his case that he still wants to play in the NFL, and also compete for championships. He went on to also address how he would benefit a team from a financial and competitive standpoint and he simply just wants a chance to walk in and prove himself.

Watch the full interview below now:

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