Colin Kaepernick “Fact Sheets” release

Since kneeling in during the 2016 NFL season to raise awareness to police brutality and social injustice you would think Colin Kaepernick would be very explanatory about the depths of all the various situations with the NFL. Instead he has remained silent on most topics keeping his true stance of police brutality and social injustice remaining more important than himself and his football career in a true selfless service manner since his football career abruptly came to a halt. Despite most NFL fans and analysts alike feeling he still has the potential to walk on the field and be one of the top quarterbacks in the game Colin has been surrounded with numerous questions from fans about can he still play in the NFL, does Colin fit into most teams system, can he still play although a grievance has been filed and much much more. Check out the official statements issued by his team answering these questions below.