Cmrnprkr Releases ‘Sweet Escape’

Virginia artist Cmrnprkr has released his first single of 2021 with a testament to his growth in ‘Sweet Escape’. The record is the perfect vibe for those seeking to keep their conscious clean and filled with uplifting energy. Cmrn raps “Still learning how to be grateful for life and count my blessings…how you gone have a future if ya past is in the present?” The record  is produced by Cvshby and complements Cmrn’s flow with guitar strings, computer generated effects, and drums. The record also was followed up with a visual directed by Brittney Briggs, and features assistant work from DazedPlaces alongside Modern VSN. Notable scenes from the video include Cmrn rapping on an orange couch in a white room surrounded by smoke & throughout the visual hints of VHS camcorder work are present. Listen to the new song and watch the visual below now.