CMRNPRKR Releases New Single “Wngsprdr”

CMRNPRKR has released his new single “Wngsprdr”. The song is a special one for the artist, as it symbolizes many things like growth, maturity, and self-reflection.

After taking some time off from music, CMRNPRKR found himself at a listening session with a fellow Virginia artist Boris the Lucid. When the Suffolk artist first heard the beat, he couldn’t help but start to start to form the hook in his head. He got the melody right and then laid down some lyrics and created the song. “It was a liberating moment making the record, just getting out of my own way and let it fly!”, said CMRNPRKR. The lyrics of the song send an inspiring message to spread your wings, be yourself, and continue to push through anything that comes your way. His return to music with this single is a result of “being completely honest with myself so I can improve in full”.

Listen to “Wngsprdr” by CMRNPRKR below now: