CMRNPRKR Reintroduces Himself With ‘Angel Child’

In his latest musical journey, CMRNPRKR takes listeners through his life’s phases, from his humble beginnings to his promising future, showcased in his new single ‘Angel Child.’

This track highlights CMRNPRKR’s growth and maturity as an artist, consistently unveiling new layers of musical prowess and storytelling skills. ‘Angel Child’ reflects his personal evolution, captivating both fans and critics.

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Continued 9.29.23 by Huey Melendez:

After dropping his single ‘Angel Child,’ CMRNPRKR has joined forces with his frequent collaborator, director Oscar Grey (OG.Film), to present an accompanying visual for the track. In this video, we witness PRKR in his hometown of Suffolk, Virginia, capturing various locations that hold significant sentimental value.

Watch the full visual below.