Chazz TwoZZ reflects on “2z16”

Chazz Twozz took 2016 by storm or as he would put it in his format “2z16” by storm releasing his Virginia Twozz hat and launching his TwoZZ brand as a whole. We caught up with Chazz to talk to him some about this year as a whole, his feedback and what we can expect in 2017. Check out the “2z16” recap below.

TPP: How was 2016 for the TwoZZ hats ?

CT: “It was a pretty big year, of course you plan things like this but when you actually execute everything it’s a whole new feeling of gratitude”

TPP: What notable “celebrities” have been seen wearing TwoZZ hats ?

CT: “They have been worn by Chris Brown, DRAM, Trey Songz, Justin Bieber, Famous Dex, Curren$y, Rae Sremmurd, YesJulz, Future and Lil Uzi to name a few”

TPP: How has the feedback been on them ?

CT: “The feedback has been crazy, VA def been holding me down as well as throughout the country like LA, NYC, FL and its expanded out to like 17 different countries as well at the moment”

TPP: What can supporters expect in 2017 ?

CT: “I wanna get into collabing with artist more and designing merch, more drops and the anniversary coming up in April. Also probably do a spinoff of the TwoZZ brand and build around the theme TwoZZday, which is like my main day for promo but that’s gone eventually turn into its own brand”


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