Charged Up?

This past weekend, rap juggernaut Drake released three brand new song via his Beats 1: OVO Sound radio show. The three songs split fan bases, quiet a garrulous rapper, made a so and so DJ look completely fraudulent, and  spawn the debate of how “Charged Up” the rap icon is really is. Drake is killing it right now and is really in a groove musically (maybe not personally ex. Mia Khalifa); these songs are great. Hotline is a track that takes elements from VA’s own D.R.A.M’s Cha Cha, but Drake adds a new flair and makes it a whole different track. Right Hand is a hard hitting DJ Mustard-esque track and is arguably the most memorable out of the trio due to its quotable lyrics. Lastly, Charged Up is a track aimed at Meek Mill’s ghost-writing allegations, and is the most talked about song out of the trio. Take a listen to OVO’s latest installments below. Also tune into OVO Radio on Apple Music.

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