One could easily make the suggestion that 2020 has been stifled, ruined, or a ton of other negative connotations due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 19-year-old, Alexandra Ott, known by her many friends and supporters as “Ally” however would suggest otherwise – stating during our in-depth interview she’d prefer the term “2.0”. Ally is far from […]

After months of anticipation filled with teasers and promotion via social media, Virginia native Zara Bash has released his new album ‘BULLY’. With a total of 10-tracks, Zara showcases his diversity over a variety of beats throughout the entire 30-minutes keeping the listener on the edge the entire way. Listen to the new album here.

Suffolk native, CMRNPRKR has released his new single ‘Forever Life’ – his first solo project outside of BreezePark in four years. We get to learn the artist on a different level as the record takes us through an experience he describes as “the new life that’s been birthed into me over this time period”. CMRNPRKR […]

Heir Wave Music Group’s signee Kahri 1K has released a new visual for his ‘The Ghost Of Pecan Acres’ single ‘Fort Night’. The new visual takes elements of the world-renowned Fornite video game and mixes with the reality of a real modern day heist along with featuring an intro inspired by The Hughes Brothers’ classic […]