Norfolk native, Young Crazy has recently been very vocal via social media, discussing 2019 and how it has served primarily as a year to travel and prepare for 2020. With 2020 just days away Young Crazy has released a new freestyle ‘Games People Play’ where he highlights his disappointment with 757 OG’s, the “Crabs In A […]


Shaded Zu took the Hampton Roads by storm earlier this year with the release of his debut 10 song project Xtra-Large. Cinnamon featuring frequent collaborator SplashOfGold served as one of the standout songs on the Xtra-Large. Shaded Zu has returned with Cinnamon II, the new track sees guest appearances from not only SplashOfGold again but […]

Referencing the renowned Seven Deadly Sins, HIDJIWORLD has teamed up with Australian denim company, Ksubi to release a wide range of apparel that remains native to HIDJI’s abstract creativity and style. Each of the Seven Sins, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Wrath and Gluttony receive particular artwork referencing the sin in either a short sleeve […]