Jay Young is a self-taught artist based out of Virginia Beach, VA. Young is obsessed with distorting the figure with multiple layers of resin, oil paint, spray paint and other various mediums to build the mood in a way that feelings dominate the composition. Young’s work falls heavily in the figurative expressionism category and other […]

The ascension of Al-Doms has been one that is nothing short of meteoric, but unlike meteors his luminescence is on the path to stand the test of time. He has consistently put out hit records followed by cinematic visuals and the culmination of that hard work has birthed the ‘New Dream’, his first LP since […]

Virginia Beach native and honorable Norfolk resident, Alex Gozar recently graced us with his presence offering us a deeper look into his successful endeavors with Plant is Life. An advocate for all thing’s in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, Gozar is usually found in the midst of it all, supporting local businesses, friends and […]