Elon Musk has announced that his SpaceX program will be launching astronauts into space this year. The space crew being assembled for the launch is known as Crew Dragon. According to Elon the companies first space crew mission will happen as soon as the second quarter of the year around April & June. Crew Dragon […]

It’s been 7 long years since the first announcement of a Tesla pickup truck. Yesterday after the long wait, Tesla finally unveiled their pickup truck named ‘Cybertruck’ coined by genius South African founder Elon Musk. The truck resembling a trapezoid on wheels features an exterior built from the same stainless steel alloy used on Musk’s […]

Arguably the most highly anticipated streaming service of the year Disney+ finally launched this morning. As many launched the streaming service and scrolled through the multitude of shows both from recent years and their childhood they were them saddened to find when they attempted to stream shows they were greeted with an image of Ralph […]